3. Who am I?

My name is Jessica Hazewinkel and like you I have struggled with food for almost my whole life. I have been severely obese for more than 15 years. I tried almost every diet or weight loss method on the planet: Light Products, Slimming Supplements, Fat-burning Tea, Zone diet, Bread Diet, Fruit Juice Fasting, South Beach, 10-Pounds-in-10-Days crash diet, The Jockey Eggs-Bananas Metabolism Boost, Atkins (predecessor of Keto), Carbs counting, Point counting, Calorie counting, Low Fat, High Fat… Too much to list but they had one thing in common: they didn’t work!

I blamed myself for not being able to restrict my food intake long enough and I told myself I would be just a Happy Fat Person wearing  ‘More Forgiving‘ Plus Size Clothes and ‘Old Women‘ Comfort Shoes.

However I wasn’t happy, I got health problems that were impacting more and more the quality of my family life and work. Stairs and picking up things from the floor became a challenge. My joints started to torment me and I tried to eat my pain and lack of energy away. My doctor warned me I was pre-diabetic and putting myself at serious cardiovascular risk if I didn’t lose some weight, but I didn’t know how. Another diet? More exercise? I had already tried everything.
So I kept binging. I wonder why grocery stores called their packages family-bags. Fing until they were empty.or me, (and i Think for many others) it were just mono portions and I kept eat.

That all changed when I finally stopped obsessing about food and my weight and did it my way. I lost 90 pounds without my usual problems of lack of willpower and best of all… this time instead of regaining weight, I regained my health. Finally after years of struggling I was pain free and I found my energy back of twenty years before.

After three years of ‘skinny’ life, I realised that surprisingly I didn’t get sick anymore… not even a flu or a cold! Only then I understood fully how much my previous overweight and bad food habits had impacted my natural immune system. When I was obese I used to think that it was ‘normal’ for me to fall ill more times a year, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

The change of my eating habits has made such a significant change in my own life that I wanted to help others who feel stuck in their lives as I was. During my studies how to do that professionally I came across the Never Binge Again system, which implement in similar, but much more effective, way the method I used to finally lose my weight and KEEP IT OFF!
I studied under the inventor of the system himself, Dr. Glenn Livingston and was awarded an NBA coaching certification.

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