I used to kill a bag of Doritos in a sitting. It was terrible. I haven’t even really wanted to touch them or anything else like that lately. I have been craving a milkshake but never made one. Lol. I went food shopping and didn’t buy string cheese or any junk at all. Which is surprising for me. The terrible thing is I was literally so unhappy with the way I was eating that I started to Google binging and purging and stuff like that, that in my head I knew I shouldn’t be doing. It kinda scared me a bit. But then I found you lol. I didn’t expect to work right away but I apparently have more will power then I thought. Also having you helping and talking to you really helped ALOT! I’m so great ful!”

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La maggiore quantità di peso si prende fra quando abbiamo deciso che dobbiamo fare qualcosa e quando lo facciamo davvero!

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