Born to be fat? 

I was born in the Netherlands and seemed to be destined to get sooner or later weight issues for the literally ‘heavy’ genetic heritage. I was raised with the idea I would have to stay on a diet my whole life long. At the age of 18 I had already a extensive knowledge of all kinds of diets that more or less were keeping me in shape.

Rebellious and wanting to find my own way in life  at the age of 19 I decided to discover what there was for me in the world and I emigrated successfully to Italy, where I studied as a nurse. I fell totally in love with the Mediterranean lifestyle and adopted it as my  own with great benefits for my weight issues.

Unfortunately after 4 beautiful kids and thyroid problems at the age of 30 I was definitely obese.

After some years of working as a nurse I decided to become an entrepreneur in order to have a more flexible time schedule for my kids and together with my husband I grew a company in the luxury hi-fi business (High End music reproduction). 

Being a business owner is in my veins, I acquired a profound knowledge of many different cultures traveling all over the world. My natural curiosity and interest in people made it very easy for me to connect with the different people and learn about their habits.

My philosophy has always been: Why not? Let’s try! The very thing that motivates me the most is when I hear: You can’t. “What do you mean I cannot? Why not? Let me try.”

This thinking has brought me an uncommon life rich of experiences and overcoming many challenges that at first sight seemed to be impossible. Emigrating to another country while learning languages were definitely not my best skills. Being a single mom in a foreign country before my marriage.  Helping my second kid to overcome his serious handicaps as autism and inability to speak when all professionals said it wouldn’t ever be possible for him to be self-sufficient or have any possibility for a scholastic career. Starting a business as women in a sector 99% dominated by men. Questioning the average idea of what is possible or not, has, always been part of my lifestyle.

And so at the age of 44 I decided to break all rules about diets as they didn’t work for me anyway and the miracle happened. At the age where most people put weight on, after a year without any diet, exercises, pills, meal substitutes or whatever other ‘miraculous cures’ there are around, I transformed myself from really obese to a dream body in only 1 year.

The secret? 

I ate more, but in a way that was in balance with my body. And it didn’t only work for me, but even for my ex-husband and other people that I have coached, without ever feeling hungry.

The result was not only losing all the excessive weight but also to get rid of all the sickness and pains that were afflicting me. I discovered that is possible to stay more than two years without being a single day sick, not getting even a cold or the flu.

Helping others with their well-being has always been my true passion. So after my incredible success with my own health and that of my family and friends I decided it was time for another career switch and to teach that same knowledge to others. 

It’s not a miracle, it works! The results are lasting in time in contrary to most other weightloss methods around.

Want to lose weight? Eat more!

In order to be able to successfully help people who are struggling with their weight and health I became a coach. I have learned from the best leaders and coaches in the world such as John Maxwell in the USA and Christian Simpson in the UK. I became a certified coach at the John Maxwell Academy and I am proud to be part of one of Christian Simpson’s exclusive Elite Mastermind groups for successful business owners.


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